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Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Invasive Plant Committee

Welcome to the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Invasive Plant Committee, a non-profit group that works in cooperation with organizations, First Nations, governments and industry to minimize the negative impacts caused by invasive plants through heightened awareness and improved coordination.

Invasive species are not native to our region and tend to favour disturbance, grow rapidly, are hard to get rid of and form monocultures, while outcompeting native species. Because they arrive in Canada without their natural predators to keep them in balance, invasive plants and animals can spread rapidly.

  • decreased biodiversity
  • altered water flow and leading to erosion and/or less available water
  • creating and increasing the fire hazard
  • damage to roads and other built structures
  • reduction of crop yield
  • recreational & tourism trails/areas choked by invasive monocultures
  • decreased property values
  • a loss of medicinal plants and cultural practices (loss of wild edibles, loss of habitat for wildlife and fish)