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Targeted Grazing

Invasive plants are disruptive pests that agricultural producers have been dealing with for years. They reduce crop production and can limit forage available for livestock. In order to maintain a certain level of production, invasive plants must be controlled.

Control Options

The first step to managing invasive plants is recognizing them!

Containment Areas

An invasive plant species can become so well established over a large area that it is no longer practical to treat it in that area, and treatment efforts become focused on preventing the plant from expanding into surrounding areas. 

Biological Control

Biological control uses the invasive plant’s natural enemies (primarily insects and pathogens) to reduce invasive plant populations to a desired level. Effective biological control releases provide self-perpetuating, self-dispersing, continual control of invasive plants and can be a very cost-effective and environmentally compatible control method.


Information on invasive plant identification, herbicide use, biological control agents, and effective herbicides.