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The first step to managing invasive plants is recognizing them!

Reporting invasive plants is a very important step in invasive plant management. All reports of invasive plant infestations are important and you can help us stop the spread by being a spotter. Reporting is easy. Call one of the toll-free numbers or report online. All we need is a plant name and location. Unsure what you've found? Give us a call or bring us a sample.

Integrated Invasive Plant Management
The CCCIPC promotes Integrated Invasive Plant (IP) Management. Integrated IP management involves using a combination of appropriate control methods to reduce the weed infestation to an acceptable level, and requires monitoring these activities to evaluate the effectiveness of the control strategy.

The best control option depends on a number of factors including; knowledge of the potential damage of the weed, relative abundance of the plant species, characteristics of the site, the cost of the control method, and the environmental impact of the weed and the control option. For management methods for a particular invasive plant species, look up the weed on the Weeds BC website.


There are a variety of control methods that can be used to manage invasive plants.

  1. Prevention
  2. Mechanical
  3. Manual
  4. Cultural/Competition
  5. Livestock Grazing
  6. Chemical
  7. Biological

For more information, please refer to the Regional Strategic Plan.